• ICO Launching Platform

    MiRAK has built a powerful ICO launching platform considered to be the best in industry. The solution is an affordable and easy to install on almost any website hosting plan.

    The platform has a customizable front-end website that includes everything a real ICO needs to show to its investors/clients. The site includes a front page,  token counters, banners, whitepaper section, road-map, etc. 

    The back-end gives the administrators a full control over the whole environment including generating the tokens, editing the contents and graphics, managing the sales through all phases, powerful transaction and money management tools, and much more. 

    We have setup a demo site.

    Our platform is built of 3 different part:

    1. The landing page ICO website. demo  http://macrodox.com/

    2. The Investor Dashboard: Signup on the site and login to see what powerful tools are made available for your investors and token buyers.  http://ico.macrodox.com/register

    3. The ICO Owner Launchpad: http://ico.macrodox.com/admin/  login using admin admin

    Contact us today to discuss how we can make our platform available for your ICO. You can integrate our platform with your current landing age in less than an hour.


  • What can we do for your ICO?

    MiRAK can help you with all sides of your ICO. From idea to a successful lending and reaching your crowdfunding targets.

    The most important service we do is to introduce your ICO to the investors:

    •  Presale private investor introductions to:
      • European investor pool
      • Middle Eastern investor pool
      • Asian investor pool
    • Token sales
      • Professional crowdfunding: Targeted sales customized to the industry of the ICO


    Creative Support

    ICO should look attractive and recognizable inside out. Our team of design and branding professionals will make this happen.


    • Website
    • Logo
    • Presentation
    • Video
    • Brand book
    • Naming & branding
    • Website translation
    • E-mail template


    Technical Support

    ICO should just work and also be presented transparently to attain trust and show stability. Our technical professionals will take care of that.

    • White paper improvements
    • One pager (ICO summary)
    • Analytical review
    • Bounty program
    • GitHub
    • Full analytical report
    • Smart contract
    • Smart contract management system
    • Token building platform
    • Full technical support during ICO


    Legal Support

    ICO should always be ready and up to date with legal novelties. Our legal professionals will make sure of that.

    • Legal white paper review
    • Token purchase agreement
    • Terms of use & Privacy policy



    ICO should have support. We will find just the right professionals to fit your profile and project.

    • Advisory board
    • Team & founder profile improvement



    ICO should target the right audience. Our advertising professionals will make sure your project will reach just the right people.

    • PPC
    • Banner Ads
    • Social media Ads
    • Video Ads
    • CPA network offer


    Social Media

    ICO should be social. Our social media professionals will take care of your image on all social channels.

    • Q&A support (Telegram, Slack, etc.)
    • Forum & community support (BitcoinTalk, Reddit, etc.)
    • Social profiles support



    ICO should be presented. Our PR professionals will build trust and present your project just the right way.

    • Generating news opportunity
    • Press releases
    • Work with negatives
    • Community trust outreach
    • Paid articles



    ICO should be visible. Our event professionals will make sure you are under the right spotlight in speaking to the right audience.

    • Speaking opportunities
    • Participating opportunities
    • Finding speakers or speaking bootcamp
    • Sponsorship


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