Scope Of Services

The ICO Client can choose any combination of all the services listed below for 10% success fee of the funds we raise.

In addition, a commitment fee of must be paid upfront upon the signing of the agreement.

This fee is to cover the initial setup as follows:

2BTC for ICO Building Services.

1BTC for Fundraising Services.

1BTC for Crowdfunding Services.

3BTC for Incorporation Services in Norway (with full financial license)

All the services above can be ordered separately. The details of each service is listed below:

ICO Building Services


Overall evaluation

ICO’s concept overall evaluation, including all existing elements and documents.


White paper creation

The client input is needed during this task.


Roadmap creating

This task crucial for the success of the whole ICO. It’s done in full interaction between the whole project team and the agency.


Landing Page

ICO’s website/landing page Including full ICO Mgmt Platform. Including 3 website parts:

- Landing page for visitors (standard template included) Any custom design is additional. Client is responsible for content editing.


- Investor Dashboard for mgmt for investors to manage their funds and tokens.


- ICO Admin Launchpad to manage the whole ICO from the powerful backend.

Alternative II: Using the client’s existing website and integrating modules 2 and 3 from the above.


Token Creating

ICO’s token or coin creation including the legal forming of the smart contract. Many ICOs have failed because mistakes in creating the Smart Contract. This task is done in interaction with the clients.


ICO’s sales strategy

Planning how to recruit new users and heat up for the crowdsale. One of the most important roles of an ICO is not only raising crowdfunds but also building the future user database, which will secure the success of the concept.


ICO’s marketing strategy

Marketing is the number one success factor in raising funds and building a new startup. We will be together building the perfect marketing plan for the ICO covering all important media channels and reaching out to the max possible portions of the targeted segments.


Creating marketing kits

Ads, articles, presentation video, etc. Video production costs are covered by the client. Distribution of video and all other kits is covered by the agency.


Marketing channels creation

LinkedIn, FB, Telegram, Medium, Reddit, Twitter, BitcoinTalk, Instagram, Blogger, etc.


Crowdfunding Services


Community management

On all the channels is a joined responsibility as the ICO team has to be active to serve their community.


Advisory & Team Invitation

Inviting advisory team. The agency can provide an standard advisor agreement template.


ICO Tracking Submission

Submission to 170 ICO tracking sites. At least 50 are guaranteed, including the top ones.


PR Broadcasting

Broadcasting press releases to 2000+ News sites and media. The client should contribute in the creation of the PR.


YouTube influencers

Get a loyal audience for your ICO from the leaders of the YouTube blockchain community.


Opinion Leaders

You will get reviews from top-rated media blockchain bloggers and blockchain experts.


Managing the presales, and ICO crowdfunding

Our professional ICO support agents will be in charge of the whole Token sales process from the first day until the hard cap is reached. Live chat attendance 24/7 during the full sales period.


The number of agents will be automatically scaled up so that no leads are ever lost or stay in a long queue waiting. The fixed fee covers the initial team setup. (non refundable). The % fee is calculated only on the total tokens value that are made available for sale


Fundraising Services


Investor Broadcasting

Submission to private investor pool 22 000 private investors (investors with $100k investments or higher).


Investor hunting

One-to-one investor introductions through our Investor Hotline (Call center). Our senior, high caliber fund managers call personally to investors and introduce the ICO opportunity.

We have 8 of the best fundraising agents in the industry, all of them are seniors, retired CEOs of large IT or financial companies and doing te fundraising to help startups. The call center addresses 22000 investors and the calls are the most effective way to bring investors on board. The definition of investors in our system, is only the entity that's proved to invest 100k or more per deal. We do not go for lower than 100k when we close cases.


Incorporation Services


Since October 15th 2018, the Norwegian government has released a full act allowing companies to work legally in the virtual money landscape.

The new law focuses on the AML/KYC routines and procedures to enable financial companies to qualify as a legally financial service provider.


MiRAK is offering the full package of incorporation as follows:


- Incorporating of a Norwegian limited responsibility company.  1BTC

- Establishing of a corporate bank account with a full online access, possibility to add USD and EUR currency account.  1BTC

- Applying for the full financial license, including the D-number for EU citizens.  1BTC

The process for part 1-2 takes about 1 week. Part 3 takes 3-5 weeks after registering the company.  

The original page for the law can be found here (use google to translate it)


Post ICO (to be agreed on a case by cases bases)


Token Swap

We can get help your ICO to swap token with other strong ICOs to bring liquidity and hedge your token value.


Listing tokens on the exchanges

We can get listed your token on all the famous middle and top exchanges Medium-sized exchanges: OTCEED, Yobit, IDEX, Mercatox, Livecoin, Cryptopia, Lykke, Exmo, TokenStore, BTC Alpha, Coinexchange. Large exchanges: Bibox, KuCoin, OKEX, HitBTC.


Post ICO Development

We will give you the consultation about the solution or services that your ICO is built around. Reaching the crowdfund goals is not the end but the real start of your project.



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