ICO Launching Platform

MiRAK has built a powerful ICO launching platform considered to be the best in industry. The solution is an affordable and easy to install on almost any website hosting plan.

The platform has a customizable front-end website that includes everything a real ICO needs to show to its investors/clients. The site includes a front page,  token counters, banners, whitepaper section, road-map, etc. 

The back-end gives the administrators a full control over the whole environment including generating the tokens, editing the contents and graphics, managing the sales through all phases, powerful transaction and money management tools, and much more. 

We have setup a demo site.

Our platform is built of 3 different part:

1. The landing page ICO website. demo  http://macrodox.com/

2. The Investor Dashboard: Signup on the site and login to see what powerful tools are made available for your investors and token buyers.  http://ico.macrodox.com/register

3. The ICO Owner Launchpad: http://ico.macrodox.com/admin/  login using admin admin

Contact us today to discuss how we can make our platform available for your ICO. You can integrate our platform with your current landing age in less than an hour.


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