Our Services

ICO Project Evaluation

Upon your request, we will analyze your project and evaluate the concept, technology and token economy. 

ICO Website Creation

Using our state of the art ICO platform, we create your ICO website with a modern, user friendly interface and a powerful admin backend

White Paper Development

We will help you create a highly detailed White Paper for potential investors in which we will describe all of the significant and appealing features of your project or idea.

Smart Contract Creation

We will carry out the technical work involved in creating a smart contract using our top notch automated coin and token generator. Our experts will revise the token with you.

Legal Incorporation Assessment

We will run a full legal and incorporation analysis for your project depending on the nature of your business. We will give you advice regarding the most suitable jurisdictions for you.

Creating Video Presentation

We will carry out all of the technical work involved in creating a smart contract and show you how to make the best smart contract for your project.

Establishing Social Marketing

We will create continuous high quality content for your project’s groups on social media in order to gain the interest of potential investors.

ICO Trackers Submission

We will compose and publish press releases of your project on all of today’s popular crypto-media platforms and list on the leading ICO trackers.

Token Submission

After securing your smart contract, your tokens will be submitted to the most popular crypto exchanges to be available for token buyers and investors. 

ICO Management

To manage your ICO project is a continues task. We will make sure your project is managed professionally and your clients are getting the support they deserve. 

ICO Continuous Audit

ICO is a very sensitive form of crowdfunding and requires high measures of security. We will make sure that this level of QoS is maintained throughout the whole ICO life-cycle. 

After ICO Development

We give you consultation about the solution or services that your ICO is built around. Reaching the crowdfund goals is not the end but the real start of your project.

ICO Turnkey Solution

The right partner for creating a successful ICO

    • Speed..Start accepting funds in a few days
    • Security..Top-notch solution created with high security standards in place
    • Reliability..Load balanced, auto scaled, anti DDOS
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